Pressure Ulcers - The MOST preventable wound complication in Healthcare

Pressure Ulcers are a common and painful medical condition, especially among elderly people and those who are physically compromised. The wounds are caused by continuous pressure exerted on the skin, soft tissue, muscle and bone, triggering localized ischemia, inflammation, tissue anoxia and subsequent necrosis. Suboptimal nutritional status has been identified as one of the main factors that increase the risk of developing wounds.

Pressure Ulcers affect an estimated 3 million adults in the United States, with an overall prevalence of about 13%. Strategies to prevent Pressure Ulcers cost substantially less than treatment. Data suggests that high-protein dietary intake improves and accelerates wound healing. 1,2

Wound progression/deterioration from stage I to stage IV

pressure ulcer stages one to four

What Nutriform knows about Pressure Ulcers and Wound Care

  • Malnutrition and protein deficiency delay wound healing
  • The amino acid Arginine promotes wound healing by producing Nitric Oxide (NO) and increasing blood and oxygen flow to the wound site.
    As a result, collagen production and cross linking is increased, inititaing the healing process
  • Demand for Nitric Oxide (NO) increases in the presence of wounds. Arginine is the only amino acid that generates NO
  • About 40% of ingested Arginine is catabolized by the liver. Citrulline is an effective amino acid precursor for Arginine production, but unlike Arginine, Citrulline bypasses the liver and is fully absorbed into the blood stream
  • Once in the blood stream, Citrulline produces additional Arginine which, in turn, leads to increased Nitric Oxide (NO) production. The 'turbo engine' action of Citrulline helps maintain an increased level of Arginine over time. As a result, a steady amount of NO is generated to facilitate optimal, expedited collagen production and wound healing
  • Citrulline > Arginine > Nitric Oxide === Accelerated wound healing

Nutriform Developed a Solution to Advanced Non-Healing Wounds

Proform Advanced Liquid Protein is a "ready to drink" protein formula that address the need for a highly concentrated liquid protein drink to help the body heal at a faster than usual rate from pressure ulcers and advanced wounds. See how Proform Advanced Liquid Protein can help.

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