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Proform 100 and Proform Advanced Liquid Protein Formulas

proform liquid protein formulas
  • Starting at age 30, there is a consistent decrease in collagen protein levels, causing a 3-8% reduction in lean body mass per decade.
  • Over 50% of people age 80 and older are affected by this debilitating decline process, coupled with malnutrition and co-morbidities.
  • The percentage of malnourished elderly living at home or those who are at risk of becoming malnourished is 38%.
  • The prevalence of Malnutrition jumps to 67% of nursing homes residents and 86% of hospital patients.
  • Malnutrition significantly increases morbidity and mortality rates in elderly patients.
  • Under -nutrition can lead to increased risk of infection, weakness and immobility, skin breakdown and pressure ulcers with poor wound healing, which could complicate recovery and could result in death.
  • The costs of caring for elderly people are rapidly increasing. One estimate puts the direct health costs of complications caused by Malnutrition and related conditions at $18.5 billion dollars annually.

Nutriform Understands the Problems of Decreased Protein

As we age, the body's ability to digest and utilize proteins becomes less efficient.
And that's just the beginning of the problem.

There are various factors that may cause malnutrition in older people range from physiological changes, through emotional and psychological decline, as well as, financial and physical limitations that limit a person's ability to obtain high quality foods.

Sensory impairment of taste and smell, as well as, poor dentition and chewing problems, all have a negative impact on an older person's nutritional status.

Many elderly people experience declining appetite with inability to consume large amounts of food or liquids. As a result, these individuals will present with a compromised nutritional status, various nutrient deficiencies, undesirable weight loss and skin breakdown - pressure ulcers.

The conventional "Nutritional Supplements" industry has failed in the war against malnutrition among the elderly, because it offered products in large volumes which were often wasted or only partially consumed, at best.

The concept of high volume, in-between-meals Nutritional Supplements (8oz, 6oz packaging) is fundamentally wrong, because the elderly and the frail are not likely to consume it, and if they do, it interferes with the consumption of their meals.


Nutriform developed the Solutions For High Protein Needs!

Before it is too late...

  • We can try to reverse or, at least, improve the winning odds of our patients and residents in overcoming their challenges, by providing them with the best possible ammunition - Quality pre-digested liquid protein in peptide form - rapidly absorbed and utilized
  • Small dose of 1 fl oz - does not interfere with meal consumption
  • Easily meeting increased protein needs for building and repair