Malnutrition among the elderly and the institutionalized

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Age-related changes affecting the nutritional status of the elderly

Change Effect
Sensory Impairment
▸ Decreased sense of taste » Reduced Appetite
▸ decreased Sense of smell » Reduced Appetite
▸ Loss of vision and hearing » Decreased ability to purchase and prepare food
▸ Oral health / dental health » Difficulty chewing, inflammation , poor quality diet
Altered energy needs » Diet lacking in essentail nutrients
Decreased physical activity » Progressive depletion of LBM and loss of appetite
Muscle loss (Sarcopenia) » Decreased functional ability, assisatnce needed with ADLs
Psychosocial (isolation) » Decreased appetite
Environmental (financial) » Limited access to food; poor quality diet
Cumulative Effect » Progressive Undernutrition